[DDD] 유럽 렌트카 업체 푸조 전기차 렌탈 사업 진행 Driving2011-08-30 00:13:22

유럽 렌트카 업체 유롭카는 지난 3월 르노에 전기차 500대를 주문한데 이어, 렌탈용 전기차 주문을 늘리고 있습니다.
유롭카는 오스트리엘리아와 뉴질랜드에서 7월 추가로 오펠 앰펠라를 추가로 주문했습니다. 여기에 유롭카는 푸조 전기차 아이온을 추가로 주문했습니다.

 유롭카는 푸조 소형 전기차 아이온을 당일 대여에만 사용할 것으로 알려졌는데, 아이온은 재충전이 가능한 지역에 한해 렌탈용으로 이용될 예정입니다. 유롭카는 아이온을 영국 히스로나 갯윅 공항 등에서 공항 이용객들 대상으로 운영한다는 방침입니다. 

 푸조 아이온은 미쯔비시 전기차 아이미브와 같은 모양인데, 이는 푸조가 미쓰비시와 전기차 개발을 협력하고 있기 때문입니다.
 지난 3월 미쓰비시는 전기차 개발과 공급과 관련해 푸조 시트로앵 그룹과 업무제휴를 맺었으며,  오는 10월부터 전기차 생산에 들어가 연내로 유럽 시장 판매를 시작할 것이라고 발표한 바 있습니다. 

 푸조시트로앵 그룹은 미쓰비시와 5년에 걸친 제휴기간 동안 전기차 10만대를 생산할 예정입니다. 
미쓰비시는 지난해 일본에 출시한 4인승 소형 전기차 '아이미브(i-MiEV)'를 유럽에 공급하며 향후 다른 전기차 개발과 생산에 협력하게 됩니다.

 개인적으로는 푸조 디젤 엔진을 탑재한 아이미브가 훨씬 경쟁력 있게 보이는데요. 디자인은 미쓰비시 로고보다 푸조로고가 훨씬 잘 어울리는군요.

TEDDINGTON, England, August 25, 2011/PRNewswire/ --

Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe for both leisure and business users, is reinforcing its commitment to the environment by being the first UK rental provider to add the new Peugeot iON to its fleet. This follows the announcement of Europcar's global partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroen last October and responds to increasing demand for access to electric vehicles to rent.

Providing travellers arriving at several of London's airports and heading into the Capital with a congestion-charge-free option, Peugeot iONs will be available for customers at Europcar's Heathrow car hire [http://www.europcar.co.uk/car-hire-LONDON_HEATHROW__AIRPORT.html ], Gatwick car hire [http://www.europcar.co.uk/car-hire-LONDON_GATWICK_AIRPORT.html ] and Luton Airport car hire [http://www.europcar.co.uk/car-hire-LUTON-airport.html ] locations. Vehicles are also available from the company's King's Cross location - ideal for travellers arriving on the Eurostar - and at Marble Arch.

"This is a tremendously exciting initiative for us," confirmed Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar Group UK. "Demand for electric vehicles to rent is really starting to pick up as both businesses and leisure drivers want to make the most of both the environmental and cost advantages. Demonstrating the fact that we are listening to our customers' constantly evolving needs, Europcar is the first UK rental provider to add the new Peugeot iONs to its fleet. This also reflects our core commitments to sustainable development and technological innovation."

The first new-generation electric vehicles to hit the European market, the Peugeot iON will allow Europcar customers to drive up to 60 miles (100 kilometres) with a fully recharged battery. These electric vehicles are silent and will not emit any CO2 or other pollutants, further enhancing their ecological benefits. They are also exempt from congestion charges in key UK cities providing important cost advantages for business users.

Initially, the vehicles will be available for one day hire only, in order to ensure they are properly recharged, and can only be returned to the Europcar locations designated for electric vehicles - at Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton airports, Kings Cross and Marble Arch.

As well as the addition of the Peugeot iONs, Europcar is continuing to pursue a range of other green initiatives in support of the environment, including giving maximum visibility to its eco-friendly cars and encouraging consumers to choose a greener car when making reservations. Europcar's eco-friendly fleet includes vehicles with CO2 emissions of less than 140gr/km and models equipped with alternative engines (hybrid or electric).

In addition to adding a section dedicated to eco-friendly cars, specific information is available on CO2 emissions for all models of its rental car fleet. The European energy rating system from A to G is given with the description of each vehicle, the greenest of which is labelled "eco-friendly".

"Our goal is to give our customers the widest possible choice," concluded Ken McCall. "That includes giving them access to the new generation of electric vehicles. Ideal for short city journeys we anticipate these will be immensely popular with many of our business customers who will really relish the cost savings they offer."

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